Sienna Dagger push attack counts as Bleed not Burn

Not a bug introduced with the BBB, but Sienna’s Dagger incorrectly gives a Bleed dot instead of a Burn dot with the push attack, so talents that affect Burning on Battle Wizard/Unchained have no effect with the Bleed (Famished/Lingering/Enfeebling Flames etc).


Isn’t that how it was intended? It has always given a bleed dot right?

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Bug or not it doesn’t make much sense for it to be a bleed dot considering Sienna’s kits.
There would be more synergy with Famished, Lingering and Enfeebling if it was a burn dot.

EDIT: I severely glossed over OP referring to push attack.


I mean, it’s a dagger, and it applies a bleed DoT on the push-attack stab. It’s probably intentional. There’s no fire effect that is visible.

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Yea i wouldn’t mind them changing it to a fire dot. Just not a bug i’m almost sure, but i could be wrong ofcourse.

Yea if a fire effect was visible then it would more likely be a bug.


yeah to my knowledge the bleed on push attack is intended but it’d probably make more sense for it to be a burn all things considered

not too big a deal either way though

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Wait what? With the heavy attack burn push talent Unchained BBB I’m 99% sure there’s a burn effect if you push with a dagger and obviously it really makes a different to survivability with a dagger if you get the 70% buff+enfeebling flames. To mayne beers to test now, but can anyone confirm? Cos this is quite a bigbug if it’s not a burn DoT.

BBB might have ;pushd this to a bigger bug status.

With the push attack?

Not the push stab, just pushing (with her hand when she’s holding a dagger) gives a burn FX to all enemies hit.

Not too familiar with that talent on unchained, but doesn’t it give a burn dot on pushing? if that doesn’t work then its a different issue i think, the pushattack always gave a bleed dot and doesn’t give a fire dot visual if i remember correctly.

I don’t think it’s a bug either, but I do agree with the sentiment. I do want more realism in my fantasy game. A BURNING dagger ought to cauterize the wound immediately, thus actively preventing any bleeding effect.

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