Shower thoughts on a new potion that works with temp health

So was randomly thinking about temp health for some reason, and was thinking about how the L4D series did it, so I came up with a pills equivalent. Numbers were just pulled out of thin air.

Potion of Endurance (Red)

Default duration: 10 seconds
Effect: Gain 5 Temp Health per second and immune to stagger, stun, pushes and damage-related aim blooming for the duration. Does not clear wounds.


  • A reliable source of temp health when needed (if you found one).
  • Makes concoction more hilarious.
  • Increased chance overall of getting an item that restores health.


  • Dilutes item spawn pool a bit.
  • It’s a bit of a crutch since it only really beneficial if you have been hit/are going to take hits.

I’m not sure how item spawns work, does it decide on the type then specific item or does it just roll from the whole list at once?



Weird. I like it. And exactly as you describe it. Useful but not too mighty with the traits.
Also red is a not yet used color.

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