Should the blessed tome's AoE attack under Righteous Fury apply smite on enemies?

So, it’s intended that blessed tome’s AoE attack don’t apply Smite effect on enemies when used in Righteous Fury?

the smite effect is 20% of dmg dealt, the big aoe stagger does no dmg as far am i aware, and therefore does not get a smite effect.

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AoE attack deals damage.

Not on dummies.
In practice I agree that some enemies seem to be burning from it, but all I know for sure is that the charged H2 has an AoE stagger.

Interesting that nobody here has brought up empowered smite. Even if the AoE does no damage (currently unsure since dummies are unreliable), it at least seems appropriate that it would proc empowered smite’s delayed stagger effect. Unless people think that combo would be too strong?

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