Shotgun feed back is horribly underwhelming

Just ground up to buy my first green pump shotty and took it out. Was very disappointed. In a 40K horde shooter, shotguns should stand out. Everyone on the team should be able to hear it go off from a mile away with a nice meaty CHA-CHUCK after every shot. This game and setting is the perfect opportunity to make shotguns insane, over the top power fantasies that turns mobs of dregs into gibs at the cost of RoF and reload speed. Two shots in the rapid to take down armored Scabs that feels less weighty than hitting them with a sword is not a weapon class casual fans will probably be happy with. Maybe there’s meta reasons to use them, but as a first impression it’s simply not a weapon I want to come back to when the infantry autoguns have more punch. The model itself is great, and really convenes a powerful weapon, but is let down by everything else about it.