Shotgun Blast of Beam Staff doesn’t fire when taking damage

  1. Load into game as Sienna with Beam Staff
  2. Equip beam staff and use shotgun(‘aim’ key then ‘fire’ key)
  3. Take damage from enemies while holding ‘aim’ key
  4. Attempt to fire shotgun immediately after taking damage

Expected results: Shotgun fires

Actual result: beam laser (‘fire’ key) initiates. Pressing ‘fire’ key then triggers the snipe attack of the beam staff. The snipe attack is usually done by ‘fire’ key then ‘aim’ key.

100% success rate on PS4 console.

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Similar problem with flame throwers. Get hit while firing holding both left and right click and instead of starting to charge up again you just immediately do a left click burst.

I would assume FS simply changing input priority for these weapons would fix it?

This is not a bug, when you get hit, whatever you were charging gets cancelled.
You can dodge and charge btw.

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