Short list of convocation issue´s

Hello! So following the convo discussions i decided to make a short list of what i consider notable problems for convo that hopefully are not debatably bad but objectively so. As in the event would be better if they were fixed.

So here goes plus short descriptions of each case , feel free to object to or add as you wish.

  • Specials can spawn upon the cliffs and attack from there

For some specials like the firerats this isnt a problem, they´ll just walk themselves down but for others like the gunners they´ll just stand far away while shooting wildly and do nothing, or they can be like assassin&gas&stormers and cause mayhem as a result when you cant spot them before they attack and make a potentially deadly mess.

Bonus points for when they spawn behind a cliff&attack without any warning one or two seconds later, assassins and gasrats are the main offenders.

  • Specials spawning just below the circle

So its been proven that specials can spawn directly outside the circle, which is pretty nasty when some of them wont make a sound while approaching from such a close distance, a hookrat spawning and hopping up behind you without a sound is a death sentence.

  • Enemy spawn variance

So the spawns can be different which is not necessarily bad, a bit of mixup keeps things from getting too stale. But when the difference goes from one early CW wave → SV wave → mob+special wave which then repeats with a handful of extra specials to something like 3 consecutive CW+SV+mob+disabler waves? This is way too much of a gap.

That latter wave roll is be rare but it does happen.

  • Flashbang

Entering and exiting the circle as needed is key to manage the event if you get a bad roll of spawns, which makes having to endure the screen flashing you each time you do so pretty unpleasant, even more so when you can get flashed by standing too close to the bottom of the circle outside or even the edge inside. Getting flashed twice in a row because you had to dodge something sucks.

Well these were from the top of my head, feel free to add or object as you may want.


Wihtout a doubt the worst one.

The rest can be dealt with.
But the the flashbang gets in the way of dealing with the rest.


I´think it is a matter of playstyle and even preference, those who somehow do not enter and exit a lot will not be affected much at all by the flashing…I am not one of those, but even then what i dislike the most is a hook being able to pop out practically 5 steps away, silently.

A close second would be a stomer casting from some cliff given how deadly being forced into scattering is in that place due to how enemies can end up just piling on people to death.

Definitely agree the “flashbang” effect can be annoying there.

Also feel like they should just tone down the unavoidable bloom effect to that flashbang and a few other game moments (entering the first Norscan cave on Skittergate). When things are just legitimately super dark (torch/minecart missions) I’m fine with that, but with the bloom-like effect it kinda just feels like bad rendering where the textures of enemies are barely even visible because things are so dark. Just doesn’t even feel realistic for dim lightning or for just having come in out of the snow.

I also really agree with how variable that part of the level can feel. Granted I play with randos so there’s a huge difference between how different groups handle the same scenario (and honestly a big difference in my own performance too since I’m constantly trying new careers, talents, and weapons). Granted, learning to jump down and just survive on my own for a bit until things clear up a little has certainly helped; I used to stay up top at all costs and I feel like that wasn’t quite worth it due to how often you get blindsided up there (unless you have a group that just smartly hunkers down at one pillar to hold and cover each other, in which case you typically destroy the level no problem).

Blightstormers. I think it was a few patches ago where they made blightstormers operate from a longer distance and frequently start behind obstacles, but it’s particularly bad on Convocation of Decay because of the terrain. Them and CW spam are the key to most wipes.