Shields Weapon Variety & Shield Blocking Aggro Blessing!

i think FatShark should just give us 40K’ed versions of Vermintide 2 Shield weapons.

could you Imagine a Zealot with Bardin’s Axe and Shield or Hammer and Shield,
what about a Veteran with Kruber’s Bretonnian Sword and Shield or Kerillian’s Spear and Shield,
or any of the human charaters with just Kruber’s base Sword and Shield or Mace and Shield,

it would be amazing. :slight_smile:

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I’d probably play a lot more zealot if that was a thing.

how would the Spear and shield work here, could you throw it in Vermintide?

You couldn’t. And what do you mean how would it work here ?

As a melee weapon obv

well i get that, but would be cool if you had some to throw like the zealots daggers?
maybe something that could refill at ammo packs? or with Elite or Specialist kills?

i could see that, but first i would be happy with any basic sword and shield on the Vet / Zealot,
for me having more options is always going to be better, and it could open up new ways to play.

though it would be cool if its Special attack threw it,
have it refill like Zealots daggers, on special or elite kill.

that would be cool, Melee weapons that have ranged effects,

it would be, Gun blades would also be cool, as would duel wielding Sword and Pistol

Added Poll please Vote!! :slight_smile:

New options added, :slight_smile:

voted hope we see more of this

Fatshark give me power sword and suppression/storm shield on Zealot this is not a request.