Shield stormvermin are tedious to fight

Are you serious? If you swing at their block you do absolutlny nothing to kill a horde in first place.

what about shield break attack ?

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You still cleave you know…

Oh so you hold only one of them at once and rest “cleave” going for horde. Good job! I’m proud of you. And tho stop this into going personal whatever. Have a grate day.

No i hit him and 3 other rats and after all the chaff is gone you simply swarm them and put them down…
Trying to deal with them will kill you however.

Please collaborate with me. Cleave same as stagger are “coming” from hero power. If you can cleave 4 enemies at once. I think you have enough HP to stagger them and i believe after third hit they are wide open to get hit with no shield at all.

They take 3-4 hits to break block then you have small window when you can hit them directly with light attack before they recover.
On champion they have enough hp that you need to repeat that silliness 2-3 times with proper arpen weapon like 2h hammer.

If you try to flank youll get rats on your back, its better to simply ignore them occasionally hitting their shield until everything else is dead and since theyll back off with every block they arent dangerous at all.


Don’t even need ‘shield breaking’ or heavy peircing weapons, deal with the other mobs around it, then pile on with high stagger weapons and power attacks. You’ll knock it around like a piniata at a birthday party in mexico, which opens it up to attacks from others, which stagger it, and keep it open/vulnerable, as when they stagger the shield is useless for the most part

Please try this and tell me after what result was.
3x hit them and after third hit just attack them with heavy attack and try to headshot. Yes you have time for it before they “go out” from stagger.

you still need to repeat it 4-5 times with any non arpen weapon, i think only exe sword will oneshot them on champion.

Nah I one shoot them also as elf on champion. Tho I always flank them and attack with heavy atack. But then again I’m using op glaive.

Well glaive, 2nd most powerful charged attack after exe sword…

How much it does? 45-55 dmg on charged headshot.
One handed weapons like swords and maces do 4-6 dmg
2handed swords do 8-12
Spear 15-18 with thrust
2h hammer 23-26
exe sword 50-60dmg

Tbh I don’t have idea how much dmg it does. I never was into numbers.

I’m playing mainly as a Shade so on top of that insane glaive dmg I have + 100% more.

looking at devs please don’t nerf it but I can one-shoot chaos warrior at champion with F on.

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Bring a Halberd Kruber.

i’m not sure why people are saying you can’t knock the shield away? you can’t break it, but you can absolutely hit them enough that it staggers and opens them up to a kill. hell, a geared slayer can shove + do the follow up attack and instantly kill them every single time.

stormvermin have been gutted pretty hard already, leave the poor black furs alone.

The other 3 people tend to be also hitting the Shieldvermin with light attacks from the front, pushing him away from the party and preventing anybody from being able to swing at him from behind.


Champion” enough said about that.

Shield Stormvermin are basically walking tanks. I dont get the 170 degree shield blocking they have. Bad game mechanic. Anyone who thinks otherwise has issues comprehending and should stop.


The magic - raise shield instantly to stop bullet/arrow etc on direct collision course with its head is a load of horse crap. If the shield is down over its body and you’re aiming at its head you should hit the damn head!


block an attack
Push > follow up strike
stop spamming light attacks pushing it away and actually surround it .
dont be at minimum power for the difficulty and expect to solo them.

pick one of the above.


I’m curious as to the reasoning behind their super shields being so different than chaos shield champions. Are they some kind of superior black rat?

Or are the chaos shield bearers just comparable to clan rats with shields? In that case, where are the chaos shield champions?

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