Sharpshooter fire salvo achievements

I’ve been playing the game as a veteran for about 35 hours now and of course I’m trying out the challenges as well. A few are tricky but doable. But where I really struggle are the challenges in combination with volley fire. I’ve been playing a weapon for about 15 hours now that I don’t really want to play but I need the zoom for the targeted headshots. I have the ability in it that extends the volley fire on Traitor Soldier kills, but in gameplay it’s almost impossible to shoot 4 soldiers in the head. One of the biggest problems is simply the players. Someone is always running in front of you, or if you have a suitable group, someone else shoots in, and I don’t blame the other players because they just want to play. So doing the challenge in a focused way is just frustrating and, in my opinion, can only be done with absolute luck and coincidence.

You don’t have to hit 4 dudes in the head. You have to hit a weak spot 4 times. Whether they’re on different dudes or the same one.

It doesn’t get more free than shooting Beast of Nurgle in the back in the big yellow spot.

Probably Veteran’s easiest one to get done.

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didn’t it say 4 different opponents? Then there’s the next thing with 5 enemies and killing them in the process. remains the same problem.

Read closer

" As the Sharpshooter hit 4 weakspots without missing a shot during one use of Volley Fire."

The other achievement has nothing to do with Veteran’s Volley Fire. You just need to kill 5 goons with the last bullet in the magazine.

Easily achieved with the shotgun on difficulty 1 against a horde, bolter is another easy option

You mean the wrong challenge. The one with the last cartridge is easy. I mean the ones for difficulty level 4. During one salvo, kill 5 different enemies in second fire mode with hits on the weak point or something like that. I’m not ready yet to be able to play 4, but of course the topic will come up at some point