Shared Loot

How about a Shared Loot System for the Plasteel/Diamantine ?

Lets say there are 4 Diamantine Caches in a Level, if your Group manages to find all of them, every Player gets 40 Diamantine (just an example) 10 per Cache.

I think this would Improve Gameplay and prevent the Rush for every Chest and grabbing whatever you can.

Maybe Implement a similar System for ammo, make it on the Proximity, if you are in Range, the other Players get 50 to 75% of the Ammo as well.

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It is shared.

Hmmmm ok, didnt notice that, especially in terms of Diamantine, iā€™m often get only ten or so

What difficulty do you play on, and does your team explore the map? Higher difficulty the more drops, exploration will also lend you to getting more materials.