Separating Scripts/Grims into submissions was a bad idea

I was trying to queue up a difficulty 2 V mission. (So super easy for kills and no one dying) No one for 3 different full length attempts. Everyone’s either on the higher missions or waiting for script/grim missions to show up for the weekly. In VT, all these were in the mission so you could decide if you wanted the mission to be more difficult. In DT, I feel they separated these out so that the mission pool was a little more dynamic. (Because let’s face it… it’s not dynamic at all really)

There’s just more and more evidence that something happened to this game to cause a massive reset and crunch time to get to the release date. This isn’t the game I was hoping for. I was hoping for VT in space and this seems to ignore some of the best parts of VT.


The problem with having them in every mission in VT was that it became the community standard to run all of them. If you just wanted to run the missions without them, tough luck and you were the a-hole for not meshing with the team.

I like the decision to separate them out, so that we can decide to run them or not. I’ve never had an issue having a team on non-book missions in DT tbh.