Secondary objective weeklies need to go, shop reroll, Ogryn Kickback

I am sure this has been said but the complete 6 secondary objectives on X map needs to be reworked or removed from the game. Everyone rerolls it but if you get stuck with it and run out of rerolls it is nearly impossible to complete. And it gives very little reward. Given the reward it would be more fitting if getting 2/3 scriptures would give you 2/6 total progress not 0.

If the hourly shop mechanic isn’t getting dropped entirely, at least give us the option to reroll the shop with order dockets (gold coins?). Right now there is nothing meaningful to spend them on in end game and they just pile up.

The Ogryn kickback is by far the Ogryns weakest weapon. It has a lot of potential given its knockback and the ability to defend the Ogryn from dangerous specialists. I think giving the right click aim down the sight a secondary function like a slug or exploding round would improve its versatility and overall power.

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I re-rolled it today and just got another variant of it, so yeah, I definitely support this idea :smiley: