Score screen character portrait frames are wrong

Title. When on the score screen, the frame shown around my character is not the one I selected.


I think this is because of loadout manager. The portrait that’s shown is atleast the one I use on my bot loadouts.

I don’t use the loadout manager mod.
Also, it doesn’t happen every time. It could be that I get one of my bot’s frames if a player leaves at the end ?

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Nope. My friend and I removed all mods after Engi patch and the frames are still wrong. Also, neither one of us uses loadout manager.

As far as I can tell, it only messes up the host’s frame. My frame was correct as client, wrong as host. Same thing with my friend.


Weird, why i thought it had something to do with loadout manager is that the portrait frame that is shown is always the one i have on my bots (have 1 frame for all my bots to easily see that i have bot settings for them)

i got the same probleme since this summer, don’t know why, but i like it sometimes it’s like a “random frame” feature

I think it’s definitely bot related.

No, it’s not.

My friend, who has been hosting since engi came out, gets his portrait frame swapped out on the scoreboard.

His equipped frame: special engineer frame from challenges
Frame on scoreboard: silver shade portrait

He is not a bot.

As I mentioned above, it swaps out my frame too when I’m hosting. I have the Quiet Drink 2nd anniversary frame on my Kruber, it puts my helmgart cata on the scoreboard.

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I’m not saying he’s a bot, I’m not a bot either.
I think it happens when a player joins or leaves and a bot replaces them, you get the bot’s frame instead of your own when you’re hosting.

I don’t think it’s that either.

1.) It always happens to whoever is hosting
2.) It happens when no one joins or leaves the group
3.) The frame that changes is always the same
4.) My friend doesn’t use Shade bot
5.) His Shade hero has the gold Shade frame, not the silver

Since engi dropped, no one’s been joining our legend games and his frame still changes. What else could be causing it?

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