Scolded by Characters for using healing when wounded

When using a healing potion with high enough temp health, you will get yelled at by characters to stop wasting supplies, despite having been wounded and possibly just one hit away from instant death. Being wounded should prevent you from being scolded when healing.


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I guess FS could look into implementing a system to prevent malicious messages/voice communication…

Seriously, there will always be comments. Usually unjustified, often due to lack of understanding of the game or perception of the situation. And mistakes will be made by everyone, but some of them can be very frustrating.

No, I mean like, the characters in game, the playable characters, Markus, Bardin etc.

The voice lines that fire when you drink a healing potion on high health. Except it counts tHP, and doesn’t factor in wounds.

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Ah, sorry I probably haven’t registered, it’s the conservation that’s usually the problem so I hear it rarely.
This is something the FS should certainly be able to deal with.

Now that I have been paying attention… I always took those lines as a banter, not as an in-game hint.

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