Same bug is back again after being fixed! - Audio bug report: Sienna’s Flail / Flaming sword / Crowbill makes a audio popping sound every 3-5 second

This bug was fixed and now its back again Yikes

Choose any of the 3 classes and equip any of the 3 weapons and the gross popping sound repeats every 3-5 seconds until you switch to a staff or take the weapon off for any weapon that isnt one i mentioned.

Its not my headphones because when i rotate the camera in 3rd person the noise switches sides on my headphones for anyone wondering about that.

Restarting the game didnt fix it and switching to the non-beta version of the live game didnt fix it so its something to do with the game. Before and during the first BBB patch i wasnt experiencing this noise at all.

When the menu is open for switching weapons the noise is gone but as soon as i close it the noise starts happening again.

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