[+] Salvaging Should Yield Dyes [+]

[+] Problem [+]
Dye = Cosmetic

[+] Solution [+]
Dye = Salvage Material
Cosmetic = Physical Character Model Alteration

[+] Summary [+]
Basically, I would like to know why it’s acceptable to advertise a “dye” as an “outfit” inside of Vermintide 2? Like seriously, who was the lazy dev that approved this malarkey? Lohner’s Emporium should be full of unique transmogrifications like Kerillian’s “I am groot” mask or Bardin’s “viking” style helmet. Personally, I would love to see the introduction of a dye system to the game. If you salvage an item, then you get a chance at “extracting” a random dye pigment. These pigments would be used to dye any outfit you have unlocked. Colors would be simple, dark, and… diminishing. In other words, the more you die the more your color fades away. This will give players a reason to try harder during matchmaking or risk being called out on their fading colors. This will also give players a reason to grind for dye pigments. Where would the fun be if you got your favorite color and then never again had to hunt for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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