Salvage White/Blue/Green across characters removed?

Hi, just a small thing.

The hotfix that removed the salvage pulling white/blues/greens from across classes/characters has made me sad.

Once you get an orange you can craft weapons of an equal power across any class, so I think getting rid of all of the greens where possible is a bonus rather than a bug. If I press the Salvage Greens button I’m very happy for it to pull greens from across all characters.

the only drawback I can see is newer players who only have greens on any character losing out, but I suspect if you have a limited pool of weapons you’d be hand picking them anyhow.

Can we have a revert to salvaging any greens you have when you press the button, even if it’s a different character?

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Yeah I found it convenient, too. But I think this is more for people still in early - mid game so they don’t accidentally trash gear they still use (not many people know about favoriting).

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Yeah I get that new players will suffer most, but it was so good to get rid of stuff from everyone.

I’m just surprised why does it ignore weapons though

maybe they can make it so it only chooses weapons from other careers if you have less than 9 of that rarity, then it would combine or replace all 9 slot’s if you have no items of that rarity