Safetypin glitch

somehow got this safetypin to appear on the left side of my screen whenever i pulled out my fireball staff, playing as battlewizard


The hero we need


I still find it hard to get nostalgic when thinking about the most annoying help tool in software history.


That looks like the flint striker for lighting your bomb - I had a similar bug earlier in the beta and equipping the bomb then swapping back seemed to fix it.

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It’s a visual bug that happens rarely while using bombs. The clip on the left is the flint striker from the lighting animation. I suppose it can get stuck when you are about to throw a bomb but the animation is somewhat canceled or shortened (e.g. by taking damage?).

To get rid of this you just have to take a bomb in your hand, prime it and cancel the throw. Then the clip is gone.

Had this happen on live as well.

Fun fact: you can actually see the clip floating around in third person while inspecting your character.

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