Safe part at map start

Id like to suggest to reduce the safe portions on some maps at the map start.

I understand why we need it.
But some maps just habe way to much of it. Take empire in flames. You take 10 - 15 seconds till you encounter the first enemy.
A much better example is skittergate. You have your safe part at the start where you can afk during loading. But you can start the map right away without needing to walk for ages.
Fort is another example for a good start imo.

My suggestion would be either to put spawn in points of players closer to enemies or just put enemies earlier in the levels.

Tl; dr
Get rid of the walking simulator at the start of the maps.

Personally I’ve never really noticed it, I do quite like some of the views from those “walking” starting locations though.

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i fully enjoyed the scenery and ambience on the way to chopping up my first marauder. the way that the music starts on cue upon reaching the area where the crows fly off and you see the view of the town’s destruction, the delivery of the start of that map is gorgeous and well done.

i disagree with the sentiment to take away the ‘starting walk’ for most maps. it’s good for ambience building.


I too liked it. The first 10 runs on such the same map. Afterwards it was just wasted time for me honestly.

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