Runic Polearm skin cannot be applied to Veteran Polearm

Issue Summary: Tried to apply the free skin to my veteran polearm and the veteran item wasn’t applicable so I applied it to a Legendary instead.

It didn’t upgrade to Veteran so I tried to remove it and now it’s gone for good.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get free runic polarm skin
  2. Try to apply it
  3. Veteran weapon is not applicable

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Additional Information:

Now that I’ve tested the skin the item is gone. I’d appreciate another one and a way to actually apply it without losing my veteran item.

Could you link me your Steam profile please? If you prefer feel free to DM it to me if you don’t wish to publish it to the forum directly.

edit: This was resolved with the OP unequipping his polearm from the various careers allowing it to be customised in the illusion window. :slight_smile:

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