Roll Back to pre-WoM?

Anyone know how difficult it would be to have a mod to roll the game version back to the pre-WoM state? Maybe this type of modding would be a good first project for myself?


I was wondering the same thing. Some kinda modded realm thing to remove the stagger mechanic and maybe bring back good old talents that got removed for no reason.


I’m assuming you’d have to load a different version of the game. Basically a private server? Like what people do with MMOs.

There’s always the method detailed in this thread that’s a temporary workaround.

My temporary workaround was to uninstall the game last night. :frowning:

I’ll give things some time & maybe try it again later, but man I just hated every minute of the ~4 hours I played last night.

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Here’s the other one.


What is going on ? Necro Problem atm ?

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Looks like a wild necromancer has created golems(Bots) that raise dead for him.


And now we need our resident Warpriest to smite the heretical abominations with Sigmar’s holy fury.

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