RNG in Career skills and a look at the GK

I’d like to start by saying I really like the GK. It’s easily my most played in the BBB and I doubt he needs buffs, especially due to him already having an easy time overperforming on lower difficulties. I also like his niche, being a duelist/bruiser/offtank and such, due to his damage kit mostly applying to the first target hit, his lack of built in attack speed, etc.
I also enjoy RNG, I think it prolongs replayability by diversity and thus is great in enemies, maps and drops, but I also think it serves poorly in character design and customization. Now, his duties/benisons mechanic. This is where the randomness in his passive skill becomes, in my opinion, a visible issue, and what could use at the very least quality of life upgrades.
We like character customization and RPG elements in general cause they enable us to adapt the character to our playstyle and get the gaming experience each different kind of player is looking for, from ranged to melee, dps to tank and all in between. Some sacrifice hp for damage cause they like a faster pace, some will prefer slow big hits and some will prefer a blender of death, so on and so forth. This provides us with the game we’re looking for, and immersion in it.
The random quests and duties the GK gets however are just sitting there. It’s a cool idea, especially for a questing knight, but they’re (mostly) small enough to forget about and are nothing outside the scope of an usual run. Not well earned, and rarely game changing. So, it feels more like waiting for random buffs on a timer than strategizing or ability.
So, I’m proposing that we change the passive and its related talent row to give more agency to the player without changing the power of the career, just reduce the randomness of it. Same difficulty, but strategy or skill rather than gamble. I’m thinking something like:

  • One of the talents in the row allowing a player to choose a quest which defines his knight with its related reward as default. The options should be more impactful and conditional than “Slay X Elites”, like you specifically carrying both tome and grimoire, saving team mates a certain amount of times, killing a certain number of enemies without taking damage, etc.

  • Another talent for a smaller bonus compared to the quest reward of the first, but which requires no quest completion and is always active if chosen.

  • The repeatable strength quest is very good as it is, already providing rather RNG free player agency, and even more power of choice by the potion being shareable/synergizing with proxy to help team mates, which is always good to promote.

Also for the love of the lady, please give us a way to hide the quests from our UI and just check them on TAB like deed modifiers. Especially with what little impact they tend to have now, around the middle of the screen is not their place.

Anyhow, my talent examples aren’t perfect, but I’m interested in getting us to discuss RNG and Career defining skills. It’s fine for most anything else, but it shouldn’t dictate what our characters are, that should be on the player.


Totally agree. The one factor that stops me from straight up using GK as main Kruber career is the quest RNG. Way too easy for a quest to be dubious value based on your team. Playing with a friend who is a Zealot player? Getting grimoire for health regen is now no-go/lesser value. Playing with an all tank team? Tome damage reduction is much lesser value.

I am fine with your ideas, or them simply implementing a mechanic where the quest is linked to the talent chosen on a row. Virtue of Stoicism being the grimoire regen quest for example. Also, this would make for interesting Kruber bot play.


I just hope they look at Virue of Discipline and Virtue of Heroism. Don’t really see how either can compete.

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I agree on Virtue on Discipline. Under stressful combat no one is going to try a timed block.

Virtue of Heroism on the other hand works quite well imo. On Exe Sword it is a solid pick for me.


That’s their loss then. Not that I think that Virtue of Discipline is a good talent.
Additionally, pushing seems to reset the parry window.


Agreed right back, the issues with RNG become more apparent when counting team mates and synergies into the mix. I quite like your idea about linking quests to talents. Would give GK flavor and probably be easier to implement than my talent suggestions. Both would be great, of course!

Agree, Discipline ain’t great, but Heroism is actually quite good where a crit will already (mostly) oneshot what you’re overheading at. Pushing also does seem to reset the parry window yeah, intended or not. Regardless tho, this is more about buffing GK than the topic at hand, which again, I would be careful about.


It can work, yeah, but I’d prefer something with a little more versatility to even out with the other two.

I’d probably want some sort of buff to it, which could even be BCR, or push strength, rather than raw damage. This would synergize well with using Exe + a Shield.

While we’re talking mainly GK talents, I’d like to also raise a point about Bastion of Bretonnia, the warpfire blocking passive.
The blocking warpfire thrower with shield is great on paper, making GK better at defending himself from specials without giving him too much mobility/utility and keeping his calculated playstyle intact, but as it stands now my gameplay doesn’t change at all from not having a shield.
I used to bring a mace and shield but most of the time someone would snipe the special before I even had a chance (or any need) to shield me or my team mates. I thought I needed to have a shield to capitalize on my passive, buuut…
Ever since I switched, I hardly miss it. Even in solo/clutch situations I prefer to use LoS to take them in more favorable circumstance with an exe hit to the face or some such.
Well then, might as well make it more versatile. Right now, it’s a passive skill that requires a specific weapon and is only useful versus 1 (or two) of the specials in the game.
So, I think it would be wildly OP if he could block warpfire with any weapon, but what if it was changed to something like:

  • While blocking with any weapon and stamina available, he was capable of avoiding the knockback while still taking the damage?

This way an offensive GK can decide to make the risky play of trading his HP for a faster elite kill, or use LoS as usual. Shields could then reduce that damage further if used. Thoughts?

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