Rewards Aren't Worth the Time or Risk

Most of the average players are not going to have a pre-built team of 4 that can finish a scenario in 5-10 min. Most of these scenarios are taking 20-30 min and the rewards once you reach level 6-8ish are horrible. Components to upgrade a weapon is skimpy. There’s also not enough variety of stuff in the armory.

This game is great if you have someone with no job grinding it all day. People work. I have maybe 2 hours to play a night and it’s slow as hell to progress.


I was component scarce. Once you move onto level 3 missions, that’s when you start getting 40-65 diamantine per run.
But I agree with you. At the amount it costs to upgrade a blue to a purple, and you’re only doing 1’s and 2’s. It will take forever to get 150 diamantines.

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Doing level 2 missions at level 2 difficulty should have better progression rewards since you can basically start those at the start of the game. The average player might get up to level 6 or 8 and then try a level 3 mission only to get beat down and waste time. There’s not really any information out there what level is recommended for bumping up these difficulty settings and the new player certainly won’t know.

All I know is that it really drags when you are trying to better yourself, especially your gear, to get a better group and feel like you contribute instead of being a liability.