Review Bombing actually works

(1) How a Game got Review Bombed into Submission (Documentary) - YouTube

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i hate this term, “review bomb”, it suggest like a coordinated effort, like there’s a bigger picture and gamer’s discussed and unanimously decided now is the time to force the dev into submission

9 outta 10 times the game just doesn’t deserve the thumbs up and that’s it…


This is what the FS defend corps failed to understand since day 1


What is funny is that War Thunder does not hide the fact it is pay to win. Some people try to justify as “Pay to progress faster” with boosts. Ultimately still paying to get better things than others faster.

The very idea is that could end up with not enough to pay for repairs means you’re put at disadvantage and can’t use the vehicles you want.

It’s like you’ve lost your Vet, then forced to choose on of the other 3 classes for next game until he recovers.

In match making, depending on tank and upgrades. You’re also matched with similar opponents, so you’re always going to push for more and more upgrades. It isn’t skill based match making, it assumes you have same upgrades therefore should be same skill as others in next battle.

The psychology is pay a small amount, what’s a little more, bit more. Then add 5, 10 etc bucks all together in one year it will end up bigger total. Just didn’t feel alot as it was such smaller transactions.

Pay to win = Pay to progress. If you’re not progressing, you’re not winning.

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As a war thunder player I can assure you WT isn’t pay to win. Nobody can just buy a vehicle and win. Anyone who does that get instantly btfo’d to the hangar. One of the major issues with the game are newbie leavers. They buy a top tier jet for 70$, get in game and get obliterated buy people with skill and experience instantly.

Is Gaijin greedy? Yes
Is the game pay to win? No

the talisman system is pay to win
warthunder is all about bringing a lineups, some stronger vehicles are okay at their BR because they get dragged down with the rest of the lineup you can bring em with

the talismans circumvent that completely by allowing you to play vehicles multiple times a battle, often doesn’

t really matter, but it can and such it is pay to win.

m8 you don’t know what your talking about, pay to win doesn’t litterally mean winning for a buck, it means having a advantage that is inacessable to others, skill ain’t to do anything with that.


It’s pay to win. It does not mean in literal sense just because you’ve paid means you’re entitled to win or will even win. But it does make it easier to do so.

“It’s not pay to win, because even if you pay you might not win” - Guess the guarantee no win makes it OK to pay.

“Paying clearly gives no sort of advantage in any way”

Pay for Advantage it is then.


bro what? The talisman increases your RP earning, it has nothing to do with back ups - which you can bring one each game max. You clearly dont know how the game functions.

What advantage beyond faster progression?

sure mixed that up but doesnt change the fact…

im not gonna call any premium vehicle specifically don’t know enough, but surely you know a couple that just so happen to be just a tad bit better than the non premium counterpart, at any given BR.

not to mention that having premium vehicles means more variety in lineups freetoplay players have no Access to,

if i remember someone talking about a third MBT you could bring, as germany was it? where free to play players can’t, so yea more choices in your lineup is certainly an advantage.

sure you can argue how big these are, i wouldn’t consider the game bad for em, but to say there none is bordering on pure cope

You didnt just mixed it up you misrepresented what it does

a) back ups are earnable ingame also


b) you can only use the back up once and its just one extra use of the vehicle per game IF you have enough command point to spawn it.

thats a personal opinion not a fact

They need to sell something dont they?

how is that relevant to wether or not it is an advantage?
i don’t condemn them for it, but that doesn’t make it less of an advantage.

but i don’t get why it means so much to you that gaijin has a white vest, they don’t care, and you don’t owe them nothing, there’s no shame in paying a little extra for the things we enjoy just be honest about it…

No, we don’t. It’s just that it isn’t the only possible outcome.

When a game gets heavily review bombed or just has negative reviews occuring naturally, this usually means two things:
A) The company / owner of the product gets a heavy-handed message what doesn’t work or is perceived negatively.
B) People stop buying the game.

In the good case, the Developer / Publisher reacts adjusts their terms / features to the demand.
In the bad case, the loss of sales is too great for the Developer / Publisher to react.

It’s not always the good case happening and many companies have completely folded from this pressure before, hence why negative review stacking isn’t always seen in a good light by fans of a game - Even if the critique is on point and deserved.
And in case of this game, I feel it’s a bit overblown because some of the issues aren’t really as big as they’re made out to be by the fans of this game. But that’s personal opinion, I know you’ll disagree.

So yes, review bombing / negative reviewing does work. But it doesn’t always lead to the positive outcome we desire. It’s medium risk move essentially.

Hope that helped.

You assume too much here. Your help is neither wanted nor warranted.

Which is exactly what should happen. If companies stop fearing possible dire consequences they have no reason to listen to feedback, as there are no consequences.

This is what you and your addict mentality fails to understand. “I’d rather have a sht product than having nothing at all, I NEED MY FIX.”

You’re a living slippery slope.

Or maybe I’m just beyond the entitled mindset that everything has to be perfect and take things as they are, when they are acceptable enough. I don’t want to see the Gaming sphere even more monopolized by having AA devs die off.

Part of the reason things got as sucky as they are is exactly that happening in the 2000’s and early 2010’s. Many good studios failed or were bought out and much valued competition was destroyed.

Sorry that I care about my favorite hobby, I know that makes me totally a mindless addict sheep. (lol)

Maybe it is asking too much but I’d rather have a product that doesn’t constantly grind down my satisfaction or fun with esoteric, untested systems. I want Fatshark to improve, but they’ve consistently proven that they struggle or even fail to learn from their own mistakes, and being an AA dev doesn’t afford them any leniency with criticism.


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