Results in post, should cosmetics drop from regular mission chests/vaults and not just commedation? Please vote for curiosity's sake

As of right now, I find the whole cosmetic thing pretty unrewarding as it is so random, so how would you feel if it was made a tad more accessible? Primarily from champion and legend, I suppose. But this is in the end just curiosity about the idea itself and what people think of it.

EDIT: Results

Thanks to you who voted, and it may come as no surprise but a clear majority as of right now, wants hats to be more accessible. Hopefully, once the unfinished hats in the game files are complete, they wont be just tied directly to DLCs. Personally I’m near 600 hours and got one hat from drops, which I find pretty terrible, and outright feel cheated.


Heck yes. There are tons of unused hat in the game files too.


Yeah, saw that. Unfortunately for Fatshark who decided to not talk about their decision to finish an equal amount of hats for every career or hero, when it is found in the files it only adds to the perception that V2 is a early access game masqueraded as a ready release.


They don’t already?

They do not, unfortunately.

Comsetics should be given in exchange for one pint of your own blood squirted from a main vein directly into the ethernet port on your router. This might be less annoying than the current system.



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that sounds like heresy to me

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