Respectful opinion of a 2 week beta player to launch w/helpful suggestions to devs

Starting in beta, I felt like the Morningstar was empty, but figured it was due to beta which was focused more on server stability and gameplay, so I didn’t think too much of it…
No crafting in the beginning, then released the first option of crafting with the other 3 options as “Coming Soon.” Im sure on release they’ll open it all. Why wouldn’t they?
Store feels extremely limiting, especially on a 1 hour refresh with not enough options. I’m sure on release, they’ll add tabs of guns vs melee weapons and have roughly the same amount of different options…
Crashes upon crashes in beta. Im sure they’ll fix it on release. This is the exact reason of having a beta…

Release occurred aaaaand we got a cash shop. That’s pretty much it.
The weapon store is exactly the same with the lack of variety.
The other 3 crafting options are still “Coming Soon.”
There is still no clan/guilds available.
No contract tracking. The only way to do this is to go back to the guy in the Morningstar and check.
No campaign added. It’s literally just run to the board and chain missions back to back. That’s your gameplay. That’s also endgame play. Which is extremely concerning considering wtf am I supposed to do once I’m max level and get decent gear?

Allow me to offer suggestions:

  1.  With the addition of being able to solo queue with bots eventually. Make it into an event. Have solo missions to go save a certain reject class. Once you save him/her, that will be one of the bots you are able to group with if you solo queue. Also, if you have more of these rejects save, you can send them out on "solo missions" (simply a time gated mission) for crafting materials, weapons, and even extremely rare cosmetic rewards.
  2.  Add different mission type rewards. Instead of receiving money and xp, why not have a scavenging mission that will drop only crafting materials or weapons.
  3.  Crew vs Crew pvp matches. 

(Don’t reck the game trying to keep everything “balanced” simply for PVP) PVP offers a different thing to grind for changing up running the same mission 100’s of times.

  1.  Crafting dailies/weeklies for crafting mats.
  2.  Have multiple factions on the Morningstar and you get to choose which one to help (donations or missions) with their own rewards/cosmetic store.
  3.  Add guild/clans with a leveling system. You get minor perks for doing missions or donations.
  4.   Change the "build" system. The option to "build your character your own way" is just an illusion. You get to choose between 3 choices every 5 levels. There is almost always a clear undeniable best choice, with 2 other choices that are pointless that don't have any synergy with any of the other choices down the line.  

I could go on and on, but the suggestions I mentioned above are part of the basic fundamentals of any mediocre rpg fps mmo and it’s incredibly worrisome to not see any innovation to the vermantide model. Just different character models, weapons, and terrain with less choices.

The gunplay, melee combat, everything else is fine. I just can’t understand why you guys still…in 2022…don’t have the very basic things I’ve mentioned above. Hopefully, you aren’t holding back these so you can release them at a later date so it gives the illusion of “adding content.”

God bless you guys. I know it’s been tough. But with hardwork, I know Darktide can become a brand new style of gaming with AMAZING potential.

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crew vs crew PvP matches

One team full of psykers. They get a glance at the enemy team and hide. Match ended in 3 seconds.

Pls no.

Psykers aren’t that strong, especially with the nerfs from beta to launch.
4 shapshooters could easily destroy a 4 psycker group. The whole getting the initial sight, start casting and duck behind a corner is an issue. But during pvp, a simple “Must remain in line of sight” modifier would be turned on. Not that big of an issue.

PVP in some form could be done easily. The only issue is the balancing, which balancing a game around pvp when the majority is pve is what destroys the pve aspect. Which I’ve experienced in numerous games I’ve played/continue to play.