Request : Other uses for the power cores

Currently you can power up the medicae stations with the power cores but it seems a little of an incomplete feature. The healing is there you just need to take 20-30 seconds to pop the core in.

I was thinking there could be other uses for the power core. The option I was thinking of was turrets, add a turret station and after finding a core the players would have to make a decision of whether to use the core for healing or use it for additional firepower. Results would vary but I think it could add some flavor and choice.

I’m sure there are other lore accurate things the core could be for. A minute of terminator armor? Power up a necron mini boss? Powering up battle-automata that functions as a 5th player bot?


I like the idea of having to choose between health and something else. They don’t even have to be super fancy. They could do simple things like unlock doors with loot behind them or open alternate paths in the map.

Imagine being able to earn aquilas through gameplay, but to do so you had to forego team healing AND finish the map. It’d be like grimoires, only worth picking up.