Request: Ability to purchase individual cosmetics from "packs"

I’d like to make a request; the ability to buy individual clothing items from the “packs” that are currently available for various classes.

For example, I don’t particularly like the “Sister-in-Wrath Elyna Priss” cosmetic package on the whole but I do like the trousers/lower body (“Punishment” Crusader Garb).

So while I’m unwilling to buy the entire package worth 2,400 Aquillas because I really don’t like the whole uniform, I would be willing to spend money buying Aquillas if it would let me buy the lower body section.

Currently it doesn’t seem to let me buy individual portions from the package which is a shame, I believe Fatshark is missing out on a potential source of income here by preventing that.

I’m guessing the currently policy is intentional, to try to force people to buy the entire packs but I’m betting there are a lot more people out there that would prefer to buy individual pieces and choose not to buy the whole package than there are who just buy the whole thing because of one item.

While I’m at it, I’d love to see some variations on some of the stuff currently available, such as the Veterans “Bandana (Karst-skin Camo)”. I love the look of the bandana but not really the goggles along with it. Likewise with the Ogryn’s Beret (Ogmore MK IA Commando Beret), I like the beret but not really the cloth around the lower part of the face.

UPDATE: It seems there is indeed an option to buy individual items from “package cosmetics”, you just need to press V to “Inspect” the item and you then get an option to buy that individual piece.

…But you can do that.

You can, it’s just hidden. I believe you have to press “V” or something while looking at a specific item from a “pack”.


You’re right!

Thank you, I had no idea.

Perhaps then the core of my post should reflect something along the lines of “Make it a bit more obvious and simple to buy individual cosmetics from packs”

I didn’t even notice that inspect option and even if I did, I’d probably just assume it was the usual kinda zoom in… inspect option.

No, you just need to click on the pack.

There is no option to purchase the individual item on that page. You have to press “V” in order to actually have the option to buy. Do you see a Buy button on that image you just sent me?

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GG is right you need to “inspect” the item before you can buy it.

Just clicking on the pack does nothing, all it gives is that “Get Aquilas” button like its showing right there in the very image you posted. It doesn’t change if you have aquilas, you gotta press V to inspect the item specifically like others have suggested here.

Damn, they’re getting too far with “hiding” stuff.

Had no idea it was an option.

It’s a tossup between whether it’s incompetent UI or a calculated decision to encourage people to buy packs. But yeah, a lot of people also had no idea until it was pointed out on the forums.

How curious the machinations of the Fatshark design. The bundle costs 2400 monopoly money however the individual pieces in total exceed that cost: 900 + 700 + 900 + 300 +1400 + 300 = 4500. If you decide to buy the torso piece + helmet it’ll cost 2300, almost as much as the bundle itself.

This isn’t how a bundle works. It’s usually the combined total of all pieces with a discount which is leveraged as a ‘good’ deal. Insidious design, that.