+Rending Marksman Focus Not Working

The +10% rending sub-talent for the Marksman Focus keystone doesn’t appear to add any extra rending at all, at least in the Psykanium. I’ve tried it with 10 stacks and 15 stacks, and both granted no additional damage to any kind of armor type with the rending talent equipped as compared to unequipped.

Steps to reproduce: build all the way down to the Marksman Focus keystone, and get yourself 15 stacks. Then shoot whatever you want in the chest or head. Next, put a point in the +rending talent, and repeat the same steps as above. Compare damage numbers.

For what it’s worth, it can sometimes work, if that’s of any use in determining the cause of the problem. I observed the Rending not functioning on a few weapons (Agripinaa shotgun, Recon Lasguns) and recorded a video. I left the Psykhanium, went back to test with other weapons (just in case it was weapon specific) and the Rending started working for the weapons mentioned above :person_shrugging:

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