Remove player stagger from FF

Suggestion= Currently in Cata it’s getting irritating being pew pew’d by rapid fire elves and dwarfy and having the necessary block one just put up to stop an overhead, removed by somebody trying to kill steal and getting you snottered. Last 10 matches… unless I play elf I gotta deal with block being nulled by FF instead of enemies. If somebody shoots through you, the damage (especially from Salty and Elf crossbow) is enough! Having it keep remove all shields leaving you to get hyper stabbed from all directions because the hyperspawn bug is back in force, is annoying AF.


It’s especially aggravating when going for a rez and your teammate thinks they are helping you by throwing a bomb but it staggers you out of the revive animation and now you’re dead…

Am I missing something here?Pretty sure player FF doesnt “stagger” one out of holding block up.The most it does is going through your block completely rather than causing you to temporarily put it down.

Edit:Unless we’re talking about getting FF’d out of certain animations like healing,reviving/rescuing a teammate,and lever interaction


Not as annoying as Living Bomb staggering you from a nearly done revive, or medpack.

Same, I never noticed this. FF will interrupt revives or medkit application, but I’m almost certain it does not break your guard. Maybe what is happening to @walkertrips is that some off-screen elite pushes him around just as the overhead is about to drop. Which is a huge pepehands moment, but not the fault of his team shooting.

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