Remove bestigor charge targeting flag?

Early on in the WoM beta, FS made bestigors not able to charge the same target for a short timer. This was when they also could turn on a dime, charge around corners and damage heroes through block. Now that that’s been changed, would it be good to bring back the multiple bestigors charging one target, since the charge is easier to deal with? It doesn’t look right when every player has that timer active and the remaining bestigors just walk at you. Maybe the AI could prioritize players who weren’t recently charged but still have the option to. As a side note, beastmen patrols seem way easier than the other two. What are your guys’ thoughts?


It was anti-fun during the beta and it’d still be now. It’s such an oppressive ability for the enemy and when you have hordes, patrols, or several ambients, multiple Bestigors just chain-charging the same player would not be a fun time. The Beastmen seem to be in a pretty good spot but it’d be really nice if the Minotaur headbutt bug was fixed already(it can hit a player twice). Their patrols definitely seem easier than the other two factions though. I wonder if that design was because their hordes are stronger than the other factions’ hordes?


The fact that they charge through their allies and knock them over is an interesting way to engage a situation. Getting bullied by multiple bestigors wouldn’t really happen unless your teammates were all dead, but like blightstormers, you could use them to your advantage. Imagine if you were kiting and you did get chain charged, possibly dodged one, blocked the other, you could still escape because the enemies between you and the bestigor got knocked over. The only problem would be getting charged from different directions which wouldn’t really feel fair.

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I’m honestly all for this, aye. Bestigors are great, I’d love it if they were more threatening and actually all charged into battle instead of 5 of them walking, 1 of them charging and knocking the other 5 down like a bowling ball.

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I’d leave them alone for now. Bestigors are already obnoxious to fight, hey can still charge through hordes of any size and around zig zag corners.

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Bestigors are strong enough as it is. In places like C3O it would be unplayable due to the sheer amount of elites mixed in with the beastmen hordes, you would get charged by multiple bestigors every single second and wouldn’t be able to even do anything.

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