Reload speed should work with Longbow

As the title, reload speed should work also with Longbow.

For example, with Huntsman, we have the lv5 talent and part of active’s effect wasted with the bow, that it is his main weapon (or anyway the most used).

Someone could say that, with the bow, we don’t put a bullet into the magazine… but, imho:

  • balance and gameplay are more important than “realism”;
  • with Crossbow we “put the arrow in the right place” and then we pull the “rope”. The same things we do with Longbow. But with Crossbow reload speed works.

Hmm… I don’t know. It would be weird, I guess, for the following reasoning. First of all, lets take a look at ranged careers. Huntman, Ranger Veteran, Bounty Hunter, Waystalker, lets not count Sienna in this equation, because her staves are a bit different. Huntsman, Ranger Veteran and Bounty Hunter all have passive for faster reload speed, some even have talents to even further improve it. But Waystalker doesn’t have such passive nor talents, therefore all elf careers fire bows at the same speed. So if huntsman would suddenly get increased fire rate with his passive and talents, it would be inconsistent with how elf works.

Personally, I think it is fine. There are many talents which are useless with specific weapons. For example, you can play Ironbreaker with handgun, while using the lvl10 talent for heat reduction. It would be great if the talent system would be somehow expanded to increase the player choice but I guess that is for future balancing.

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Don’t quote me on this, but I think it already does.

Pick huntsman and stack all reload speed talents. Then hold right click to draw an arrow. Use ultimate and keep using left click to fire arrows. The timing is important, but if you manage to time your ‘‘left clicks’’ correctly you can fire arrows incredibly fast.

I think the reload speed actually only applies to ‘‘loading’’ the arrow onto your bow. By holding the RMB you will immediately start drawing your bow when the arrow is loaded.

I know swift slaying from your melee weapon carries over to the bow.

I don’t agree… every career has its (more or less) unique advantages and talents, for example more damage on headshot with elf or a guaranteed crit with BH, and they work. Rather imho if KEEP 'EM COMING worked, Huntsman would become more balanced.

It should work because swift slaying gives attack speed, and not reload speed.

Sincerely I don’t know for sure if reload speed works on drawing your bow… seem that it doesn’t work, but testing it is hard. While I have done more consistent tests about the number of light shots fired while under active… and reload speed doesn’t work.

I would like that reload speed worked also with light shots.

You want bows to benefit from both reload speed AND attack speed? Huntsman is the only candidate for this and I think he’s fine the way it is, sure he lv 5 talent is underwhelming with longbow but what, 20% more dps with longbow is a little too mcuh

Imho yes, because its active gives just reload speed, and not attack speed… now I don’t want go off topic, but I think that the others ranged careers as great advantages (like infinite ammunitions, guaranteed crits), so this change just could help Huntsman a little (without make him over powered)… after all this would work mainly with light attacks, and they aren’t very used.

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