Refining Perks Issue

While refining a perk as it reached no further material cost I could only get level 1 or 2 out of 4. It used to allow to level 3 such as 22.5% Toughness Regeneration Speed however no that perk can only go as high as 15%. If this is an intended nerf I am not sure why it would be done unless we are at a beta stage. Once you reach the no materials needed to keep rolling the perk I would recommend a drop down so we can select what we want vs mindlessly “rolling” for free.

Our developers took a look and can’t seem to reproduce this issue, they’re able to get tier 4 perks by refining an item even after reaching the ‘free’ stage. Marking this is as not a bug for now, sounds like just bad luck. However, we’ll keep an eye on similar reports in case there’s something else going on.

Feel free to pop a thread about this on the Gameplay Feedback section!

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