Reduced damage changes have made Ironbreaker no longer useful

Iron breaker is the most reliable tank under the cataclysm, but this change makes Iron breaker’s ability to reduce damage. If this change becomes real, the hero of Iron breaker will become everyone’s least favorite character in catastrophe… (Because this character loses its core value, the damage is reduced during the ultimate move) The hero of Broken Iron will lose the opportunity to play under the cataclysm.
Such a change is very unreasonable, for example. If the future ranger loses the ammunition supply, the shadow loses its invisibility, and the maid loses physical strength to recover. Will everyone play these heroes again?

I think you are being a bit dramatic, Ironbreaker is still one of the strongest picks for cataclysm.

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Yeah this really is too dramatic. IB is useful because of his ability and talents, not because of how many hits he can take. Multiplicative damage reduction is also a very small nerf to damage resistance in general.

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youc an survive a random overhead. Thus you are infinitely more tanky than a fair few other careers :stuck_out_tongue:

His usefulness did not come from his damage reduction.

It came from taunting, shrugging off hits with gromril and controling space with near-unlimited stamina.


If the Iron breaker dies very easily after ridicule, then the Iron breaker loses its core .Because at other times Iron breaker contributes very little to the group, it doesn’t have Butcher’s attack speed or ranger’s ammo and ale.

Also a tank, in the current test version, a knight can do what a scrap iron can do, or even better .I’m not saying iron Iron is weak, I’m just saying it’s lost its character.

He still has 150 base health and 30% constant damage reduction. He is by default the tankiest career. On his ult he has like 75% damage reduction, not counting Barkskin.

If he dies after mocking, it is better not to mock at all.

You know you have infinite block right? You’re not meant to take hits with ult.

I know this, but if you want to use unlimited stamina, you have to use a shield axe. The shield and axe contribute very little to the team (the version after the Beastman was weakened)

What? I don’t honestly know what to say to that.

I feel like this is getting lost in translation… or is someone bullying the dwarf?

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