Really fun game but some problems with end game

since this is purely a 'left for dead" style game with RPG mechanics its REALLY good and fun the first couple of hours but after you reach max lvl and gear lvl you kinda lose all reason to play. their are several reason for this such as legend being broken in some areas (which they are fixing) but here are some major reasons i have found.

  1. there is a major green dust problem in this game because after reaching a certain lvl the drop chance for green items drops exponentially making it pointless for you to play anything other then recruit or vet with no grim or tomes if you are looking to reroll items. and re rolling is part of the end game as its part of ironing out our characters more to refine their stats.

(solution) they should just have 1 universal dust and as the rarity in items increases the amount of dust dropped from dismantling an item also increases.

  1. cosmetics are almost impossible to find as they are only RNG based and have a lower chance to drop then red items. i have literally completed over 100 legendary runs with 1 grim and all tomes and a couple with all books and have yet to get any cosmetic item at all but i have full red gear plus extra reds to keep for different play styles.

(solution) they don’t need to increase the RNG on cosmetics but they should remove RNG off it entirely and make them obtainable via achievements. it really does make sense as it shows how hard a person worked to EARN those rewards instead of a gamble system with a less than 1% drop rate.

  1. lack of things to do at the end. this is a MAJOR problem right now as the ONLY things to do at end game is collect red items, cosmetics, and re roll for refinement. a great example is that you would expect AMAZING rewards for completing legendary deeds but all you get is another loot box reward like you completed 2 legendary missions (honestly i can’t wrap my head around how that is supposed to be a reward for something only a select few can accomplish).

(solution) a great thing to add to this would be survival horde mode and as the lvls progress and get harder the chances for rewards increase. THEN have custom mode for horde mode so players can increase difficulty and rewards by adding modifiers or if they just want to kill things add stat boosters and modifyers that benefit players, and have settings to adjust the game world in the custom game such as map selection, race of mobs, lives, when bosses spawn ect.

(solution 2) get those mods out ASAP because adding mod support will increase the playability astronomically so PLZ hurry on that.

this is my take on it you might have different opinions or just might hate my guts and want to murder my family because i have criticism of a game you love, but just remember this is just my opinion and i guess it holds no water if no one agrees with me so who cares. hope the devs see this and i hope the game continues to evolve but until then i’ll be doing what i do best, and that is to continue to play video games and to not have a life and no friends XD see you on the flip side.


Just fyi, they only drop from commendation chests.

even worse as i have opened over 200 now and not one cosmetic

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