Ready For Action (Merc talent) is now a must-pick

Have we learned nothing from the talent trees of pre-WoM?

If there’s a talent that gives a chunk of cooldown reduction and has no downsides, people will pick nothing but that talent.
This kills Walk it Off, and it coup de graces On Yer Feet.


It is pretty much a rollback.
And it even got a buff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I think Ready for Action should have had the 25% dr and no thp.

Would be pretty solid. Just pooping out constant damage reduction but team has to manage their own thp


Walk it Off probably should not have been reduced by that much, especially since Ready for Action now competes with it.
Maybe give Walk it Off 30% damage reduction instead of the old 40%? To ensure that the dr remains attractive enough compared to more tmp hp.
Not sure about this one though, 25% might be fine as is.

For On Yer Feet, I would say change it so that is has the same duration as Walk it Off (= 10 secs) during which any ally that gets downed gets instantly revived.
Would mean you could use it preemptively during a sticky situation and still benefit from the instant revive.
Could even add a small boost to revived people too, ~25% dr for anyone revived by it? People tend to get revived and die immediately sinec they do not expect it.
Might still not be that amazing but would help with the whole “sit on your ult” issue it has.


Ready for action should give less refund, especially since it doesn’t require you to do anything (hit x enemies) + easy to bump it up to +45% with property. it’s a bit much

I tend to agree. Time to re-work my Merc build… :wink:

Plus exec sword + resourceful combatant makes this a super duper must pick…

The nerfs weren’t hard enough, good that it was nerfed though, that ability is still insane. Being able to give up to 100 effective THP on such a short CD with a knockback too… Walk it Off is also still very very strong, if not still better than Ready for Action, but it’s one of those things that’s hard to quantify.


I think the devs misunderstand why ‘Ready For Action’ wasnt picked and why ‘Walk it off’ was the most popular pick.

‘Ready for Action’ WAS a decent talent on paper, a strong aoe CC on a short cooldown definately has power, however the healing of the other talents means they are useful in a broader range of situations so simply have more value.

‘On Yer Feet’ again is a solid talent that can save matches, but it makes you reluctant to use it in case you need it later, making you waste a lot of potential value.

‘Walk it off’ meets a perfect middle ground, whenever you spam it you get value. It has the versitile power of space creation, healing AND preventative medicine. It just does so much in one package that its always useful in every situation.

To fix the pickrate imballance you need to give broader uses to all the perks.

my suggestion:

"Ready for Action" = no healing, short cooldown, now has the damage reduction.
Keep the idea of this being the space creation perk, but still give it a team buffing utility so it can be used to protect against unavoidable damage.

"Walk it off" = changed to “Cut them down!” *No longer knocks back enemies. Grants increased cleave to the party *
An agressive variant to synergise with Paced Strikes/Strike Together. Still heals, boosts Mercs unique passive even further and shares it with his team. Potentially very strong but sacrifices defensive utility of disrupting the enemy.

"On Yer Feet" = Increased AOE, revives downed allies instantly. When reviving an ally or saving an ally from being incapacitated they are immune to damage for X seconds.
it needs another little oomph, invulnerability stops people being insta-killed when insta-revived extending it to be more powerful when interupting grabs means it will be used more often.


Thats the primary reason why On Yer Feet is just crap. In 99% of the situations someone died and you pick him up with On Yer Feet you either could have saved him with the THP, the pushback, or the DR from the shout in the first place. On Yer Feet just makes you not use it when you need it and instead promotes use when its already too late.
Range Rez abilities are always valuable and strong, but not on a career skill that will make you not die in the first place if you take another Talent.

The problem with the new Ready for Action is that it doesnt only hand everyone the THP, but also makes the Knockback recharge a lot faster. That combination is just flat better than the 25% DR of Walk it off hand to you, which is a shame.

Buffing yourself and teammates with DR made it that much more rewarding to use it at the right time, when someone was under Rattling fire, in a gas cloud, or caught by a storm you can make them not lose half their HP. Ready for Action just promotes pressing it whenever its ready.

I dont like CDR Talents in the last row at all. They are plain boring and in most cases the most efficient pick. GIving it more THP, instead of the CDR, would have some benefits and would leave room for the DR Talent.

I really would like On Yer Feet to get some touching. It just never seems worth it, especially considering that even without any Talents Moral Boost makes it incredibly easy to pick up people even in the thick of it.


Considering the multiplied damage reduction, walk it off gives about 20% DR in the practice. It won’t save bad situations.
Whatever will be the final numbers Ready for Action is good for bots because bots cannot judge the perfect timing for a life saving ult.

I actually thought the recent DR stacking change was enough of a nerf for Walk it off. Putting it to 25% will make it just not be effective anymore.

Now you get 43.75% DR with blade barrier + walk it off.
You got 55% DR with blade barrier + walk it off prior to this patch.
And you got 65% DR with blade barrier + walk it off prior to this beta.

In my opinion, Merc didn’t need a nerf at all… those support abilites (tHP and damage reduction) were precious to let him to compete with more offensive crowd control careers like WHC (time ago I did a post where I explained because Merc had pro and cons when compared with his “rivals”: WHC, Zealot and BW).

I would just remove the nerf… in this way Ready For Action and Walk It Off (and even On Yer Feet, Mates!, in certain situations) could be balanced each other.

I think I would’ve put Walk it Off at 30%, but it’s hard to say how it’ll compete with the new Ready for Action either way. My gut says RfA will be better, but I know I’ll miss the DR, even if it’s less than it used to be. Regardless, anyone who plays a decent amount of Merc knew he needed the nerf, but it seems like they’re really missing something to rebalance those two talents and not give On your Feet anything, since it’s just worse than the other options and it’s one of those talents that encourages bad play.

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Ready for action really needs some kind of condition for that kind of reduction. Maybe loan the idea from WHC:s toolkit and let it reduce the cooldown when certain number of enemies have been hit or maybe try something new but it really NEEDS condition and badly.
Currently while the DR is still extremely powerful, i really do not see how it would ever compete with the newly buffed talent. We are literally back in the pre wom days with this change.


I mean honestly they could give Ready for Action the DR and give the CDR but still keep the no temp health. They would just have to come up with a 3rd talent. Because I agree the Merc was head and shoulders above the other classes pre WoM.

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Goes for Cloak of Mist too.

And WS CDR Talent.

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