Rattling concept

so this is just a fun post i wanted to do after seeing this video

where personally i would love to see a rattling where their passives and ability are focused around threat reduction making them so ridiculously hard for the ai director to notice that they likely wont be targeted with i would say that their aura would proly be best being something like a ‘bio-optic mask’ that grants them the same effect of having all specialists, elites, and maybe also ogryns and monstrosities highlighted for them and them alone with no other buffs to help encourage a focus on being uniquely gifted at finding and destroying all elites before they can get close to your team. as for their blitz, i would say that it should be what gives the rattling most of their threat mitigation and is a long lasting and easy to maintain buff that boosts your threat reduction massively with the long las that was datamined being something akin to the plasma gun where you dont really need dmg buffs to make it hit like a truck making it so the rattling is also encouraged to use one of the three following guns being the plasma gun, the helbore, and the long las as they are the only options that can reasonably be best used for them anyway with also the tree should be on the far right side of the vet tree to make grabbing something like scavanger not an option so as to make it so there is a difference between normal vet and a rattling in terms of team utility.

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