Ranger Veteran's free bomb buff from the 'Ranger's Parting Gift' talent has infinite duration

I’m not sure if it is intentional or not but the free bomb buff from the ‘Ranger’s Parting Gift’ talent on Ranger Veteran has infinite duration (until a bomb is thrown). This means that you can throw one free bomb even after ‘Disengage’ has ended. The talent description isn’t very clear as it states “thrown within the duration of the ability”:

Here is some evidence of the infinte duration in action:

As you can hopefully see ‘Disengage’ ends yet the free bomb buff persists and allows a free bomb to be thrown after (sorry if it’s not clear, 7 second gifs were not the best format for capturing this).

Again, this could be intentional in which case the talent description could be updated to be more clear. Personally I like it this way as it makes the talent a little bit more flexible (i.e. sometimes you need to use ‘Disengage’ in an emergency and don’t get the chance to throw a bomb, but this way makes up for that).

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Part of me hopes it’s intentional, but it’s kind of a bit much that you can save it up and basically get two consecutive free bomb throws. If you’ve ulted previously without throwing a bomb, next time you have your Ult ready you can just throw bomb, Ult, throw another bomb, profit. With a strength pot and explosive ordnance you could probably eliminate just about an entire Chaos Pat on Cata in a few seconds which is pretty nutty.

This could be fixed with a 10 second or so internal cooldown to stop chaining, and thus retain the flexibility it currently offers.

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Yeah, I’d vote to have it reverted/fixed. Parting Gift is already powerful.

I think it is a nice addition for the talent, because the parting gift won’t be tied to specific situations anymore.


It’s a bug and not supposed to happen. It also shouldn’t be made into the game as a feature.

I don’t think it’s a bug, I believe it’s intentional and I welcome it. Players can be smart and have a bomb ready for the next encounter instead of saving onto Disengage. Disengage has a long cooldown so it’s nice to play around.

I imagine Fatshark would have fixed this if it was a bug when the infinite bomb dupe got fixed earlier in the BBB.

The buff icon has also changed to match the new function, previously from a timer.


What changed to the buff icon? It dissapears still? Or am i missing it.

If they keep it this way it will just let players ult on cooldown and throw bombs when needed, instead of waiting on hordes or big packs of enemies.
Some might like this as it removes thought and consideration and doens’t need you to have a little bit of ‘gamesense’. Others might dislike it for that reason, including myself.

My clip shows pre-BBB buff icon (A 10 second timer)
The new buff icon in pablos clip is static and matches the new function.

I’m personally okay with it, Disengage has a long cooldown and Parting Gift now has to compete with Party wide THP/Attack speed which is invaluable.

Not to mention “ulting on cooldown” means stealth/range power might not be available for when things do go south.


I assume it’s a bug still and is probably gonna be fixed, as i haven’t seen it mentioned in the patches.
If players like it, we should open a discussion thread about it to discuss it in depth and/or see how many players like/dislike it.

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