Ranger veteran's ammo/ale drop issues

Ranger veteran dropping ammo at his feet requires, at best, constant breaking of gameflow to peek at your feet or teammates walking backwards to pick up ammo that Bardin has dropped behind them, given that most games the party is almost always making forward progress. At worst the majority of ammo and ale drops simply get left behind because teammates don’t notice it dropping or don’t want to take the time to go backwards for it.

Ale drops spawning inside Ranger Veteran’s special ammo drops makes it exceptionally difficult to tell whether or not an ale has dropped. Furthermore, characters on full ammo cannot pick up the ale, requiring them to break the flow of the game even more by firing their weapon randomly in order to be able to reload, grab the ammo, then grab the ale within. These factors are frustrating and flow-breaking and lead to ale often being left behind.


The ale is a problem, but when playing RV I prefer the ammo/potion/bomb drops at my feet to dropping on the corpse of a blightstormer half way across the map. It also give RV the best chance to pickup bombs/potions which benefits the party most if RV is specced for that (Parting Gift + Proxy).


Drinking motion is really annoying. When i need ammo suddenly, I pick up whatever i see but drinking happens unintentionally so i get hit by. I should hope RV doesn’t use ale talent. It would be better if they remove motion and picking up ale gives ammo as well.

there was a topic i made about it: Ranger Vet ammo dropping at his feet

my most preferred solution and relatively easy to implement would be:

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Is this still happening? I thought they changed it.

So I just played a map as Ranger Vet, can confirm it was changed. Ale no longer drops inside Ammo bags.

Having everything drop at his feet is amazingly annoying though.


The probability of Bardin being closer to an ally, is higher than any player being close to a special. Let’s also not forget the fact that Bardin will always be able to acquire the ammunition himself this way. It’s clearly been improved, and should stay this way.


Ammo drop at feet is a huge improvement. QOL for ranger went way way up. Ranger should absolutely have priority on his ammo, as a special hunter. Extra for team is a bonus. Ammo on corpse meant 70 detours every game, ruined the flow.

Was playing RV this morning. Wonderful talents now, especially with damage reduction and Parting Gift, RV is really feeling good. I love bombs/pots so not aware of ale issues. Somebody said the damage reduction is not actually 30 seconds, so that’s an issue that should be resolved.

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