Ranger Veteran rework concept

I know the BBB is too close to ending for this to be realised anytime soon, but hopefully this can be considered for future BBB’s.

The new system where RV drops ammo at his feet works really well mechanically (even if it thematically seems weird that he poops out ale and bullets), the pacing of the character feels much better and its a decent and needed buff.

I still think his overall design is confused, and I really do not like his reliance on RNG for his item duping and item drops. When he works, he feels great to play, you’re really planning your resources ahead in a way other characters dont need to, but this bumps back into the RNG problem where his effectiveness is tied to a roll of the dice.

My proposal:

Ingenious Improvisation rework
No longer provides item duping. Instead makes Bardin faster at using all items. This means faster switching to pots/greandes and faster lighting/drinking/healing. Bardin may also equip potions in the grenade slot and vice versa

Enhances his ‘item guy’ identity by making it easier for him to use items in a pinch, as well as making him more ideal to be the healing kit carrier. Being able to mix&match item slots means that holding a grim would not spoil a potshare build on him either, whilst allowing him to lean even further into a bomb build.

Reworked Survivalist Passive
Bardin may deploy small ammo packs to his teammates at any time (weapon alt button?). Doing this consumes a stack of ‘Scrap’.

Bardin gains (scavanges) a stack of scrap whenever a special is killed

This makes the passive a bit more rational, as it implies that Bardin is capable of cobbling together ammo from scrap he finds on the battlefield. It is also a meaningful buff to his support role as he may carry multiple ammo cache’s at once and can actively deploy them when they are needed.

Reworked Scavanger and Ale drop
Bardin may hold the deploy button to consume several stacks of scrap in order to create an Ale drop/Potion/Bomb

The number of stacks will need to be reasonably high to ballance being able to generate potions on a whim.

Reworked Grungi’s Cunning -> Tinkerer
Bardin may hold the deploy button to create an armour scrap pickup, Each ‘armour scrap’ gives 10% damage reduction on the next hit and may stack three times per hero. (being hit dispells all stacks)

Gives a use for Ranger on a team that does not use ammo, either due to a lack of ranged weapons or already having self sufficient builds. It would probably by neccisary for Bardin to be able to see the active stacks on allies.

Overall the intention is to give RV more to think about in a match rather than simply being a passive affect on the match, he now has a unqiue resource which introduces new decisionmaking into the game, whilst he could easily build into a pure ranged build with this- he is rewarded for being a hybrid by being able to use his resources to fund high impact tools.


This scrap/armor mechanic sounds a little like an engineer dwarf rather than a dwarf ranger.
Interesting though.

Note: It’s still reliant on specials, would probably make him too good in twitch/cata+ while less impactful in lower difficulties.

Bardin could collect his stacks of Scrap from other sources, or even passively generate it over time.

I like the idea for the ingenious improvisation rework. I would rather see a straight buff to it by adding on either faster animation for throwing and drinking and or 25% extra healing, damage and duration for health items, grenades and potions.

This way he would be more worth taking for his own effectiveness and gives him a boost to most areas while still remaining reliant on his talents to make the most of it.

As for RNG, this could be solved easily enough by just making it every 3/4/5 specials killed drops an ale or ammo pack or bomb or potion. And his 10% chance not to use items, perhaps instead every 5th item is not consumed. Wouldn’t need any other buff to ingenious improvisation really

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Idea for new passive: Bardin can carry 2 of each item, (bombs and potions).

Thats literally the idea op suggested

No, the concept OP had was making the item slots interchangeable so you could replace your bombs and potions with healing and vice versa.

What i understand from this is: You can change items between spots and ‘lean further into bomb build’ i read that as equip 2 bombs.

I’d rather they remove duping chance and justmake your first item free after ulting (guaranteed dupe). Using any item grants rv cooldown refund

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