Ranger veteran "Firing Fury" does not seem to trigger with shotgun

I saw this was reported in 2019, but I don’t know if it was ever fixed. If it was, the issue is back, otherwise, it’s still an issue and sorry for the report spam.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Fire the grudge-raker at two target dummies, Hitting them both
  2. See that the talent is not triggered.

This does not seem to be specific to target dummies, as I did not see it trigger in a game either, except when pushing enemies with the gun.

In the original report, it was suggested this was due to the central pellet being the only consideration, which makes sense but doesn’t match the behaviour of the talent as written.

From a very quick test, it does seem to work with the bash every time.
For ranged attacks with the Grudge Raker it works sometimes… sort of… if you’re lucky, it seems.

Something is definitely off with the Raker+Firing Fury.

Maybe that’s to do with the “central pellet” theorem? If the central pellet pierces a guy and hits another guy maybe it triggers then.

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