Ranger Vet Feedback - Too many useless item drops, weird talent/ weapon anti-syngery and comparatively poor ranged options

Despite the recent buffs, I still find that conceptually, the Ranger Veteran feels a bit like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist in VT2.

Hybrid career?
I’ve heard him described as a hybrid melee/ranged class. That might be interesting if almost every other career wasn’t also a hybrid class with access to equally good or better ranged options. If I need to snipe specials or elites, even my crossbow-wielding Ironbreaker can do a good enough job without needing any dedicated ranged talents.

A utility class in a game where most careers are self-sufficient
Survivalist is fundamentally useless in most situations as the majority of careers that will be using a lot of ammo already have ways of generating it. Even in lower skill level parties where people run out, the RV produces far more ammo than is practically useful. This gets worse as the difficulty level increases and specials become more abundant. The talents to produce other useful items are good, but any time they don’t proc and you get ammo it’s a waste.

With Scavenger, there is inherent anti-synergy between the ability to make bombs and then not consuming them on use. Also, potions are not that rare, and some are not used under normal circumstances. The extra potions you generate are generally unnecessary, especially on Grimoire runs where only half your party can even pick them up.

No good repeating ranged weapons
All other ranged careers get good repeating weapons. The closest the RV gets are throwing axes, which I find weird, hard to use and poor at longer ranges. Throwing Axes also make survivalist even more worthless. While he does get buffs to reload speed, I feel like its still not enough to make his single or double shot weapons feel fast enough to use effectively in the middle of a fight. This leaves them for sniping, with is something everyone else can also do. Either he needs to be given a better repeating weapon, or have his reload speed buffed even more.

This is just me spitballing. No idea if this will work

Survivalist cache restores a little bit of health
Survualist cache boosts ranged damage of first X number of shots after picking it up
Better repeating weapon options, or faster reloads.
Scavenger shouldn’t make potions.
RV should have bonuses to using bombs - they should do more damage, have a wider blast radius,etc.
RV can hold one of each bomb? Toggling between them using the item select key
RV can use reload to put a delay on the bomb? Time before it explodes is equal to time reload was held for before throwing (up to 3 secs?)?


RV as hybrid?

Actually he is just a supporter. Who lacks of ranged-option, so he looks fine at melee. Ranger’s parting gift gives him somewhat offensive option.

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He has quite good synergy with throwing axes and the 20% power, as you can get in the melee then just recall one axe when you need it then again engage and throw. The largest problem is the useless ammo talents, bomb talent is really good now.

What he needs now is the staying power and removal of RNG from his drops, similar to grail knight quests. This would also pace his play a lot more.

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