Ranger Vet ammo dropping at his feet

Ranger Veteran

  • Scavenger ammunition now drops at Bardins feet instead of at the killed specials corpse.

Bad idea, not intuitive especially for teammates: “Track a special -> kill it -> track where RV pooped his ammo cache -> go get it.”

It solves a non-issue anyway - out of bounds ammos are rare, hell most of the specials want to close in on you.

Also as RV its way more fun to play this mini-objectives of getting ammo caches, whilst fighting, instead of this streamlined stuff “kill special -> look down/behind to grab ammo -> repeat”.

Getting ammo from specials has a certain atmosphere to it too, like you’re a hunter. “You keep what you kill.”


I disagree. I like the change.


Frankly I think you’re completely mad to find any of those more of an issue than the previous iteration. Previously in uncoordinated quickplay scenarios RV had very little control over his own ammo/potion/ale drops, and out of bounds ammo drops happen A LOT more than you’re suggesting with a WS or Pyro in the party, or just with gunners/blight stormers generally depending on the map.

The way it works now is much more consistent, reliable, and in RV’s control, as it should be. With good team coordination it should be no more difficult or time consuming for allies to get the drops, in fact it should be more stream lined with them all dropping from the same spot. It also encourages front liners with poor ammo sustain to watch RV’s back since then they’ll be near ammo pickups in a pinch.

This is an unambiguous improvement to my mind.


yes, i have different views

none of yours previous issues are issues in my mind. You want more control? Get max movespeed and be the first on the pickup.

More importantly you don’t really need full control, you need teammates who dont waste resources like refilling their 2% of maximum with a pickup, who check ammo counters of allies before picking stuff up. This kind of stuff doesn’t require a premade or coordination, it’s just using UI.

About out of bounds because of WS/Pyro - well, its just 2/16 careers, besides they dont nullify most of pickups right? Another argument may be said that having in one team a RV + WS + Pyro is an overkill of ranged roles, and there would be less stuff to shoot for RV.

in static defence scenarios yes (happens not often), but not in case of progressing through the level or kiting chaoticly across terrain.

if RV would play as a frontliner alongside them - then that would make it a practical team interaction. But he is a squishy ranged career, and in combat there’s no place for perfect formations that stay the same.

Though thinking about other pickups than ammo - i would like to have ale drop from Bardin, it would be more thematic as well


Why don’t they just allow RV to gain ammo immediately when a special is killed, and make a talent that lets it also apply to the entire team, instead of chasing the little bags

Yep, i had kinda the same idea. If you want to give RV full control over drops, while not making it scuffed, it can be like this:

  • each special killed adds 1 stack to Ranger Veteran’s counter up to 5, he then can deploy one of these caches at the press of a button (new command needed though).

It would make team interaction in pubs close to impossible though…

Id rather they just grant the ammo right away and avoid the bag minigame, RV could still drop the items similar to how Grail Knight drops potions, and they can replace Grungni’s Cunning with team ammo or extra ammo for player who kills the special, if they want team ammo as baseline.

that’s an option i’m not against, and i’d prefer it a lot more than the beta version of “kill special, then find the dwarf, then find the bag” mini-game, or “detect special kill in killfeed, go search the bag” mini-game.

Though doesn’t huntsman have a very similar talent for ammo regen on special kill?

Apologies, wasn’t trying to belittle your opinion, just expressing (poorly, clearly) how extremely different your experience with the same class seems to be compared to mine, to the point it feels like we’re playing different games.

As such, I won’t continue to debate here as our fundamental perspective seems too different to get anywhere.

I strongly believe this is a very very good change. I’ll leave it there.


Yeah, Shot Crafter, that’s what I’m basing my suggestion on.

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tbh I’d prefer if the big 30% ammo bags were just removed and the base value was buffed to 15-20% and share and share alike was returned in its place.

Share and share alike could be reworked to just mean that RV’s innate ammo gain on special kills also apply to teammates, perhaps at a lower value for them (assuming we remove the whole ammo bag system completely)


I’m interested in the pickrate Grungni’s Cunning, it’s always been a top pick mainly as a bandaid fix to some of RV’s problems. The recent patch was a huge improvement at least.

Selfish ammo sustain + an option for it to be supportive would put it in line with how other passives work. For example: Paced strikes > Strike Together.

I don’t play Legend and below but I still worry how Survivalist performs in those difficulties where specials are more sparse. He is an introductory career, might feel bad to expect ammo and barely get any in recruit/veteran.


I agree, this change does not fit with his survivalist them, on top of that, looking down after every special kill is annoying.


Love the change. I’ve never run anything other than 30% ammo (except when using throwing axes) and not the ale talent is extremely usable.
You get first pick for ammo and ale, allowing slower melee weapons to feel good (played with 2h axe) and still get enough ammo to play like a reached career.
Since there is a on screen prompt when you are standing right on top of your drop you dont even need to look down all the time.


I find the change awkward as hell. We usually play hypertwitch with the 3 of us, and have RV bot with 30% ammo talent fill the last spot. Now after killing a special, we have to go look for the bot, try to figure out where he was a few seconds ago, and go and pick up the ammo (which is a hassle, since bots like to teleport from player to player, or walk waaay out of line from where we are, cause there might be a ratling gun on the other side of the map)


Best of both worlds solution would be to have ammo drops always on a special dead body, and ale/pot/bomb always on Bardin.

If RV specs for ale or bomb/pot talent, it usually means he wants to use them with his build, so he gets control over these drops. While ammo drops are more universally applicable and needed for teammates. And teammates may not be aware what RV talent they have in the party, but still they can expect an ammo drop where specials die, that’s good because consistency.

This will also fix an issue of stacked ale inside ammo.


I think ammo dropping at the person’s feet that kills the special would be best. Ideally ale, pots, and bomb drops should not be RNG but after X specials killed (like the grail knight strength pot drops and the value of X changes with the difficulty played at). This would give a measure of predictability to drops. Pots/bombs/ale should drop at Bardin’s location.


Agree with OP. Absolutely unnecessary change, his ammo should drop where the enemy died.


That sounds like way too much coding.
The fix is easy and simple compared to.

Imo the only “important” thing which benefits from is ale. Below cata its easy to run out of if all 4 try to get it

How about just, when kill the special, the X% of ammo restores to Bardin and all the other team mates?

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