Ranged Stun + Dodge Nerf together is quite ridiculous

Difficulty 4/5 are complete ranged Counterstrike snipefests, even moreso than before.

Perma rooted by hordes of ranged laser/autogun spam.

No opportunities to go in for melee, because you can’t even dodge slide to close anymore.

Let’s say you do get into melee - you can’t dodge slide to avoid shots while melee fighting because the AI spams hundreds of shots THROUGH the horde, interrupting attacks and permarooting movement.

Toughness doesn’t regen because now you need 3 enemies around you.

If we wanted a new Sniper Elite game, we’d just play that.


By nerfing the dodge, they ruined the game! I know lot of people will refund by November 30 if its not fix.
Melee core was all about dodging…
now that dodge is useless, the Preacher is DEAD, melee is DEAD, bunch of weapons is DEAD
at this point the game will be DEAD before release

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fixing just this would make a huge difference