Random map places where game stutters

So there are places where game will stutter no matter what if u drag mouse around it, ( Recently one was fixed in Hab Dreyko ).

There’s also the blocky shadows in certain places.

There’s one on Repair mission after medicae on bridge.

I suggest we make some kind of post for sending screenshots of such stuff, if u encounter it.

First spot is on Repair right here, where my crosshair is if u pan there ur fps can plummet for 0.1 seconds causing a micro stutter.

Power Matrix HL-17-36

Another really weird Shadow Behaviour on Repair HL-17-36. Happens when arm moves for Cryonic Rod.

Smelter Complex blocky shadows at start jump.

Smelter Complex

Looking right here (crosshair) causes microstutter when panning the camera

Close up local shadows uber bad next to lightings.

Blocky Shadow close to ending on Smelter Complex

Archivum Sycorax

Blocky Shadow on start

Archivum Sycorax Flickering shadows when animation starts playing

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