Random crashes - here are my dmp files - what's causing them?


Win 10 Pro 64-bit
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8core 3.0GHz
Running 3 monitors

Attached the DMP files

Thank you
crash_dump-2020-07-05-02.53.47-4f1974b1-b0f0-4315-8717-a9f587aa1223.dmp (623.5 KB)
crash_dump-2020-07-05-03.04.01-6f485cb9-5517-4ba7-8d69-afc8714d8be1.dmp (582.1 KB)
console-2020-07-05-03.04.01-6f485cb9-5517-4ba7-8d69-afc8714d8be1.log (795.7 KB) console-2020-07-05-02.53.47-4f1974b1-b0f0-4315-8717-a9f587aa1223.log (252.0 KB)

To start with, please try lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu down to 6, and see if there’s any improvement.

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