Quility of life suggestion

Quility of life that we need.

  1. Need favorite item mark pls.

  2. Should pickable perk tier 4 when it reach maximum roll (so much annoying clicking 15-30 minute just to find tier4 roll that we want)

3.sort item fix and saveable not restart everytime open inventory/blessing/perk

4.make when backward it should stay on the same page not restart on the top page and make us sort item and roll down again to adjust item ( so super annoying) should apply on inventory/blessing/perk menu and everywhere

5.mark that show what blessing we already store

Make us easier to find blessing that we lack.

6.make in testing room simple press I button to access inventory why need to go to box in middle to adjust/inspect gear/feat

My current workaround for it is giving my fav weapons a skin/talisman.

You dont need to go to the box, you can press esc and click operator. But yea, would wish the inventory button like in the hub would do it for me.

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