Quiet Drink still crashing after hotfix

Crashed during final fight in Obese Meg.

Just including the crash dump, don’t care to play level again. Have not been able to complete it a single time.

crash_dump-2019-03-12-15.07.39-2bced909-71a3-4690-baae-8355249c94dd.dmp (713.0 KB)

console log for post-hotfix crash

console-2019-03-12-15.07.39-2bced909-71a3-4690-baae-8355249c94dd.log (331.6 KB)

Also crashed during the final fight, not long after getting to the second floor.
GUID: a6222ae8-43cf-48df-b277-59ae0c6035c6
Log File:
Info Type:

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