QuickPlay join entry point + crash on mission exit

Issue Description:
I encountered two issues, which might be correlated with each other, thus I’ll summarize them within this very report:
I joined a running mission by QuickPlay, maybe around 2pm. My avatar spawned at the maps very entry point, I then had to catch up with two other players, who had already advanced through the security door in the chapel, which was shut when I arrived.
Hence, I exited the mission and opened Steam Overlay to report the spawn point issue to you. The game however crashed from within the loading screen.

Crash Report (If Applicable):
GUID: 4fb206ce-3558-477c-93e1-a24ef7110780
Log File: console-2022-11-19-13.46.33-4fb206ce-3558-477c-93e1-a24ef7110780.log
Info Type:

Error Displayed (If Applicable):

Steps to Reproduce:

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Magistrati Oubliette TM8-707

Asus Prime Z270-K
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700
RAM: Kingston HX424C15FW2K4/32
GFX: MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ventus 3X OC
SFX: Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus

Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/19/2022, 02:15PM UTC

Reproduction Rate:

Upload Supporting Evidence:
%AppData%\Fatshark\ (LIVE data incl. DXDiag/msinfo): https://1drv.ms/u/s!Art7BNHB1VaHhf4wSW_RIy64OtduZA?e=VqWEhO

Thank you for your report, looking in to it!