Quick Turns Keyboard Binds +left +right

BRIEF : add +left +right keyboard binds for fast movement turns.
Must use lower mouse sens for sniping… and any precise hits…
While quick turn speed in general is a foundation stone for this game.
This is such a contradiction, don’t you think ?
Today’s practice:
Must choose what to sacrifice. Sniping accuracy or general turn speed.
Otherwise tossing your mouse like crazy surely losing overall concentration.
Please add classical kayboard turn binds just like cs1.6 +left +right.
These are very quick but smooth continuous push-to-turn turns. Not fixed 90/180 turns.
This is so much an immersing lvl game changer!
I used to have Shift for +left and F for +right turns.
It may seem strange to someone and even worthless, but it’s just because of lack of experience and skill.
It’s like a mouse control for the first time: it’ll take you 2-3 days of gameplay to get fully used to.
But this control set of low mouse sens + fast key turns is so natural, so real-life-like, you’ll probably never settle for less.
Lack of this simplest basical movement control feature has ruined my expectation for this great peace of the art game to almost a disaster. You just can not afford yourself to fully immerse in game because of this simple limitation.
Please comment on this. I’d like to know is there’s anyone wishing for this too.

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